Elegantly Angeleta


I want to start off by saying, "Welcome"! I am so glad you are interested in stepping outside of the box and creating some stellar stationery for your next big event! Chances are you are visiting today because somehow I got your attention and you are in need of some serious paper love. Either way, thanks for stopping by!

A little about me, by day I am a busy legal professional working in the hustle and bustle financial district in downtown Toronto. I enjoy working in the legal field and find great joy in the fast paced nature of my work. In addition, I enjoy working even harder to execute stationery designs that are unique, one of a kind and just plain awesome! I organize my time well and am able to sustain my legal career and small business all while living a fun filled life of travelling, playing soccer and hanging out with friends and family. 

Fun fact, I love anything vintage, and I also LOVE tea! 

To me, stationery is more than just fancy writing on paper. To me, stationery is unique well thought out designs, personal details and love. Anyone can create a "generic or ordinary" stationery design but you are likely here because you want more! 

While designing is a skill, it is also an art. Creativity is how I thrive, and bringing your ideas to life are what bring me the most joy.

Getting to know you, your style and your dreams is what allows my imagination to roam and create something that makes you wonder, "how the heck did she do that"?


My Family

Owning a small business gives me the ability to do what I love to benefit the ones I love which are these two, my amazingly supportive husband / accountant CFO and our new addition baby Elijah. 

I do it for them.